Jumat, 19 September 2008

The Most Favorite STIE YKPN's Employees

There is still a story left when the annual day last week. Management STIE YKPN Yogyakarta give a special awards to their staff which is considered to be a good employee and spent their work time in STIE YKPN. The criteria are 3S , Smile, Serve, and Solution. They are Subandi (administration staff), Ponijan (household staff), and Agus Indarto (security guard). The head of STIE YKPN Dr. Dody Hapsoro when he gave the award to the winner said that the awards can be a motivator to the other employees and he hope the employees can work more optimal in services.

Music Concert

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Yesterday on Thursday,18th September 2008, Music Community which own by STIE YKPN have been performed in event named Ngabuburit Bareng Koran Sindo dan Star Mild in front of our campus. 105 music crew present two group bands such as An_na band and Oktaf band. On the first performance, An_na Band sing three song like Kembalilah Kasih (original song by Gigi), Kau dan Dia (An_na song), and Perdamaian (original song by Gigi). Next performance continued by Oktaf band and take a two song by Yang Terdalam (Peterpan) and Tercipta Untukku (Ungu). The audience are not only came from STIE YKPN students, but also from another peoples who stay around campus. Beside that, there are three bike community in Jogja, such as Thunder, Kawasaki, and Scorpio Yogyakarta bikers.
this event almost make a crowded situation in Jalan Seturan (where the event are held) but it can handle by some professional security guard and the condition become under controlled.

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Kamis, 18 September 2008

Development Of STIE YKPN Yogyakarta

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STIE YKPN show a good performance in it 28th and still get the trust from all walks of life as a one of the highest quality campus of economic and business. it is said by The head of STIE YKPN, Dr. Dody Hapsoro, MSPA., MBA., Akuntan. He said that the capacity of information technology in college can support the education system and teaching procces step by step in the last three year. Beside that, in our second year on online bases study procces. Positif effect use that procces are very meaningfull between students, lecturers, or college management. For support the information of technology being more and more powerfull, some factor have to be work continously. One of these factor is teacher's skill. teacher's skill are important to be more powerfull, it can be effected to increase the ability of teaching procces.

Lecturer or teacher are playing a part to prepare students and school graduate in order to be able compete in globalization. STIE YKPN has been used the online study procces in second last year. This is because the need of student's and teacher's skill are more and more highly. in 28th, STIE YKPN still have commitment to increase all of teacher resources. All of the teacher are Magister graduation completely, even there are two teachers as a Grand Master.

Now, four teachers are has been finished as a postdoctoral in Gajah Mada University. Few teachers are in proccesing to finish as a postdoctoral. Three teachers are still finishing study are Drs. Soegiharto, M.Acc., Ak. at University of Western Australia (beasiswa Ausaid), Ari Warokka, S.E., M.Si. at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid Spanyol (beasiswa dari Spain Foreign Ministry), and Theresia Trisanti, SE., MBA. di Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM).

in early 2008, there are two teacher have been finished their study by scholarship from USA. They are Irfan Riza, S.E., M.Si. (Ford Foundation) and Primidya Kartika Miranda, S.E., M.B.A. (Fullbright Scholarship), whereas the other continued in Gajah Mada University suc as Drs. Rusmawan Wahyu Anggoro, MSA. for magister accounting, Drs. Miswanto, M.Si. for magister management program, and Drs. Algifari, M.Si. for magister of science. GOOD luck for my teachers and make a dream come true.

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Happy Annual Day in 28th

Happy Anniversary......!!!!

My lovely campus, STIE YKPN of Yogyakarta got an 28th anniversary on September, 13 2008. They didn't made something lux annual day, but held a DIES NATALIS in campus. We can meet Dr. Dody Hapsoro, MSPA., MBA., Akuntan, The Head Of STIE YKPN YOGYAKARTA, our lecturers, our staff who usually make a best work team and also keep clean the campus. Beside that, they also invite about sixty students who are being a leader of our extrakurikuler (Non Academic Activities). On there we all shared about our problem's campus, goals around academic activities, and some awards which presented by the best staffs and lecturer of the year.
And we also have buka puasa bareng (dinner together on puasa) with all of the campus management. There aren't a gap between us, between lecturers and student and staff. There are no barriers among our relationship, keep friendly each other, and don't forget to always give the best respect to our teacher. We are because of them. WE ARE ALL FAMILY !!!!
again, Happy annual day my campus. Keep A better bright future on campus !

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